CITY OF JOY (by Kshitij Saxena)

Kolkata, INDIA

Named after a novel by Dominique Lapierre, this series portrays life around Howrah Bridge of Kolkata. Focusing primarily on flower market, near the southeast end of the bridge, which in itself is a spectacle almost 24 hours a day.

The freshest blooms along muddiest streets – Kolkata’s wholesale ‘phoolbajaar’ or flower market is right next to river Hooghly. In the beginning, the sellers sat on the Mullick ghat. Nowadays, they have taken over several back-alleys and set up small shops. Every morning whole sellers arrive with huge consignments of flowers to auction them to retailers. Mornings are the best, busiest and the craziest times and most whole sellers vanish by noon, leaving behind a heady scent of seasonal specialties. Many workers live in makeshift shacks / Mullick ghat and river Hooghly provides them the life and support around it.

Howrah bridge and Hooghly -inevitable lifeline of Kolkata. City of Joy.


About the photographer, Kshitij Saxena

I am Kshitij, 30, business analyst.
My work is influenced by what is happening around me. What interests me in photography is how a split second can change perspectives, thoughts and approach towards anything. Photography is a way of living life – in split seconds.

Pursuing photography adds colour and zest to my otherwise routine existence. I am intrigued by ways different viewers interpret the same frame. The plethora of emotions and stories a frame can convey is simply astounding. And rightly so, since all that matters is ‘The Frame’.