Lunch Visit: Life in Cities

The Photoclub organised a lunch visit to the Photomuseum of The Hague for the 17th of April.

The exhibition “Life in Cities” comprises several works of Michael Wolf, stretching from his earliest years as a documentary photographer right through to relatively recent series.

Over the 2010-2013 period, Wolf returned time and time again to the same metro platform in Tokyo to lie in wait for his passing prey. The result is Tokyo Compression, perhaps Wolf’s most renowned photo-series, in which he explores the subjects of privacy and voyeurism in great detail. In the densely populated world cities where Michael Wolf works, these themes are unavoidable.

Besides “Tokyo Compression”, the exhibition includes also further series, such as Architecture of Density and Transparent City, plus the real-life exhibition “Real Toy Story” with over 20,000 toys.

The lunch visit includes transportation to and from the museum (11:45-14:00), a take-away sandwich and water for lunch, plus tour guidesin English and/or Dutch, depending on the number of participants.

Members of the Photoclub only have to pay the entrance ticket, or use their Museum card.

Non-members of the Photoclub are requested to contribute with 5 Euro.

Participation should be confirmed per e-mail with the form below, specifying which sandwich you prefer and whether you will use a museum card. Payments are due to NL51 ABNA 0517 1221 62, Penm Photoclub, mentioning “Michael Wolf”.

The minimum number of participants is 30, counting only whose who confirmed and paid the fee by the 9th of April.