The Photoclub organised a lunch visit to the Photomuseum of The Hague for the 28th of March 2019.

The exhibition is focused on Erwin Olaf, one of the Netherlands’ most famous photographers, known also for the recent portraits of the royal family.

The exhibition focuses on Olaf’s love of his craft and his transition from analogue photojournalist to digital image-maker and storyteller. Olaf brought himself together some twenty photographs by famous photographers of the past who have been a vital source of inspiration to him.

In the exhibition non-commissioned work by Olaf from 2000 to his most recent series is shown, including the work he produced in Shanghai and his most recent series Palm Springs, on display for the first time. The exhibition includes photography in the form of installations, in combination with film, sound and sculpture.

The lunch visit includes transportation to and from the museum (11:45-14:00), a take-away sandwich and water for lunch, plus tour guides in English and, if enough people register, also in Dutch.

The lunch trip is free of charge for the members of the Photoclub. Non-members without Museum card are requested to contribute with 15 Euro to the event, or 7,50 Euro if a Museum card is available.
Non-members can of course register to the Photoclub for few Euro more to enjoy the free participation and to benefit of additional advantages from the Photoclub such as magazines and photographic gear!

Participation should be confirmed to Olaf Marzocchi. Details about the sandwich and the payment will follow.

Spread the word and invite further friends and colleagues!