Amicale Photo is one of the oldest Amicale clubs and dates back to the early seventies. Presently, it consists of about 80 members. The gradual move from film towards digital photography has added to the interest and excitement of photography and Amicale Photo tries to capture this for its members. Amicale Photo has its own Digital Dark Room (DDR), equipped with a PC with Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom, a “serious” photo printer, a film/slide scanner, DVD writer, etc. We also have a WDR (wet dark room) for those wanting to experiment with analogue photography.

Amicale Photo also circulates photo magazines in several languages, which are sent to members on request. A yearly exhibition (Photex) also normally takes place, plus we have a permanent area for small-scale exhibitions (Photo Corner). The annual fee is €20. New members pay an additional entrance fee of €50. If you’re interested in joining, have a look at our website and contact us using the form below.

As with all clubs, it is only as good as its members. If you are interested in photography, want to learn more or are indeed a guru in desperate need of helping others, we look forward to meeting you soon.