In order to join Amicale Photo, a prospective member is asked to pay the contribution and submit the form below indicating at least full name, room number and internal phone extension. Please indicate also which magazines you would like to receive.

Only employees and external contractors of the EPO can become members, but membership also allows partners and children to use the club’s facilities. Discounts to events are however limited to one per membership.

The contribution consists of an annual membership fee of € 20. Please, transfer the amount of € 20 to the account NL51 ABNA 0517 1221 62 (Photoclub). You become a member as soon as the payment is received.

In case of problems with the form, please send an email to the DHPHOTO internal email address.

This is the Photoclub policy in relation to the GDPR:

– storage of data: only name, surname, room, email of the members will be stored, as required for proper magazine distribution and periodic communications.

– breach notifications: we keep the member’s data only on the EPO servers, therefore in case of breaches disclosed by EPO we will provide the members with the available information.

– right to be forgotten: its extent will be applied on a case per case basis, depending on the impact of the deletion on the official documents that need to be stored intact for administration purposes.

– right to access and data portability: the documents can be provided upon request, with the data from the remaining members obfuscated or removed. The files, being digital, are by definition machine readable.