Photography workshop “Fireballs, fire bubbles”

Dear photo enthusiasts, The photo club is offering you the photography workshop    Fireballs, fire bubbles The workshop is for photographers of all levels and will be given Saturday, 1 October 19:00 hrs (with Sunday, 2 October as backup date) on the beach in The Hague Kijkduin. We will “freeze” fire using short exposures of fireballs, and… Continue reading Photography workshop “Fireballs, fire bubbles”

Photex 2022: “Fire”

Call for entries The theme of PHOTEX 2022 is FIRE Fire up your camera, play with fire, fire away and submit your results to PHOTEX! Interpret FIRE in any way you like, be it literally, metaphorically, compositionally, technically, socially, linguistically, etc. Whatever makes sense to you and helps you create your pictures is welcome! For inspiration, the… Continue reading Photex 2022: “Fire”