Participation is open for all Amicale members and family.

Deadline for submissions: November 3, 2017.

Submission Guidelines

  • Max. 7 pictures in total, of which max. 2 in print to be hanged in the exhibition. All pictures will be displayed on a TV screen.
  • Size for prints (incl. frame): max. 1m for longer side*.
  • Prints or frames should include a sturdy hanging means.
  • Resolution for uploaded files: 1920 pixels for the longer side (“Full HD”).
  • Fill in the form below and upload your contributions.

* No exceptions, don’t ask. 😉

NOTE: Make sure that your name is correct. The maximum file size is 5 MB per picture. Pictures should be uploaded in JPG format in “Full HD” size.

Submit each photo separately. After submission of the form, go back to the upload page using the link provided in the confirmation message or the browser “back” button and upload the following one.

Important: if you make a mistake reupload only the ones you want to replace. The most recent one will be accepted.

If you receive an error message, probably the server is busy and couldn’t process all the images. Try again.

If the upload is successful, a confirmation page will be shown.

Important: the upload is not working from Chrome Mobile on Android. To make it work, the page has to be reloaded as “Desktop” (check the drop-down menu of Chrome).

Submissions not accepted anymore