Dutch aerials by Jana Teneva

Aerial Photography allows us all to see our planet Earth from another perspective. In the case of this small expo, I want to show you some corners of the Netherlands as seen from the air.
There are hidden details and funky geometry as well as the results of the interaction between nature and human: flower fields, canals, dunes and coastal lines. These elements all take/get another shape, structure and feel, when they are perceived from above.
All pictures exposed are not drone-pictures. They have been taken the old-school way: with a camera next to the window in a plane.

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Photocorner: Secrets & Light

SECRETS & LIGHT (by Johan Castellanos)

Johan Castellanos is an autonomous photographer who chose his own life as subject to explore and (eventually) expose through photography. It’s his dreams, fantasies, fears, wishes, frustrations; the secret parts of his life are the fundamentals of his images.

Using nature and its mysterious layers of good and evil is the tool to translate his ideas into a universal message.

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